Welcome to multipurpose wiki!

multipurpose wiki is a wikia site which allows users to find various bits of information about many topics. It can be funny fictional or deadly serious. If you want to add to it add to it, if not just take a few minutes to read through the articles created.


losers losers i smell relegation

this cow

this cow is the secoundry logo of multipurpose wiki after the swiss army knife.

cows are multipurpose animals though

they create

  • meat
  • milk
  • methane
  • leather

and many other usefull items we use daily

apart from vegans

editing is required

anyone who would like to edit this is allowed but must have an acoount to edit the main page.

creating a account is quick and free! all other pages do not require a account and feel free to makeba new page, because it is free…

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